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🚨 COVID-19 September 2021🚨

Please Click on the LINK below 👇 for some very useful UP TO DATE Guidance on COVID-19 regarding school settings.

If you need to contact PHA due to someone in your household having symptoms,  
the number outlined in the information below seems to be very unrealible and hard to get through on. 


📞 Try 119 first 📞

What to do if your child develops symptoms of COVID 19  (FROM PHA)


The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are recent onset of:

-  new continuous cough and/or
-  high temperature and/or
-  a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)


Please book a free PCR test, even if an earlier one was negative. Your child should stay at home and self-isolate until you receive the result.

Please see Coronavirus (COVID-19) GUIDANCE 


🌟For guidance on whether other people in your household also need to self-isolate while you are waiting for your child’s PCR result.🌟


😊 Thank you for keeping the school informed 😊

C S Anderson



As you now know PHA will be managing contact tracing for schools. 

It seems that schools will still provide a support role with close contacts, but the first port of call for any positive cases should now be PHA,  (028 95 360484)  who will discuss and identify the close contacts of any child or family.


Please continue to message your class teacher on seesaw and email me on purely for our monitoring purposes if you child has been referred by PHA for testing or is confirmed positive

including your child’s name and class.


When a positive case is identified within a school setting by PHA, classes may be informed by the school. However, under the new guidelines this may not mean the class will have to self-isolate or be tested. 

In a separate email from the Education Minister, Ms McIlveen confirmed the revised approach on the guidance on self-isolation of close contacts as being: 


•    PHA contact tracing service will be identifying and asking the very closest contacts, for example very close friends, to isolate and get a test. Other contacts in school, such as those in the same class or who sit near the case, will not routinely be asked to isolate and book a test. 
•    School leaders will no longer be required to respond to every case by identifying contacts. PHA will undertake the work and will only contact the school Principal for assistance in limited circumstances.
•    Parents will be asked to inform the school if their child tests positive which could be part of normal school absence reporting.
•    Detailed PHA guidance for schools will be prepared to support the revised approach. 
•    PHA will monitor the number of cases in schools and will continue to have arrangements to respond to and support schools with large clusters and outbreaks.


Thank-you for your continued partnership with us and your willingness to keep us informed about symptoms and PCR results.  We will continue to take each day at a time, as we move into this new phase of managing Covid in school. 

Once again, our children are to be congratulated as they have continued to work hard and do their best in a difficult situation. 

Yours gratefully, 

C Anderson

*Covid-19 Guidance for Schools and Parents*

Letter from Sir Michael McBride


Schools are expecting a rise in positive cases. I have really appreciated  a couple of parents already who have informed the school QUICKLY of positive cases in their households and have been keeping children and siblings, under the same roof,  away from school.  

This is a sacrifice but it potentially prevents a whole class taking PCR tests and potentially  other individuals becoming a positive case.  


If there is a 'Positive Case'  within your child’s class and other children have been in contact  within 48 hours,  the whole class will have to go home.


A PCR test must be booked on DAY 2 from being in contact  with the positive case. The day your child was first in contact with a positive case  contact is call day zero. DO NOT BOOK AND TAKE A  PCR TEST  ON DAY 1 as it is too early and may come back a false  negative. It MUST be DAY 2. 

If negative after day 2 your  child may return to school. Another PCR test must be done on DAY 8. If negative again your child may continue to attend  school. 

We have a had a good start to the new school year but we all must work together and be prepared for incidents in the future.

Many thanks

C Anderson

🏫 Guidance regarding COVID-19 in Schools 🏫

🗞Letter To Parents August 2021