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Fort Hill and St Joseph's pupils enjoy a local play together

P5 pupils from St Josephs visited Fort Hill Integrated Primary school to vwatch a very special play with the Key Stage 2 Fort Hill pupils. The play, called "The Hidden Sod" was written by local author Jonathan Burgess,* who visited the school to watch the performance by Blue Eagle Productions. The play tells the story of Liam an Irish boy and Annie, an Ulster Scots girl and how they become friends, teaching each other their own languages.
Foras na Gaelige and the Ulster Scots agency jointly funded the project which encourages pupils to see similarities and accept differences in others. As Ross from P7 said,

" I learnt that no matter what language, culture, skin colour you are...EVERYBODY can get along and be friends."

Some pupils  from both schools took part in a workshop with the actors afterwards.

* jonathan Burgess appeared on Lesser Spotted Culture on Tuesday 22nd January. This programme can be viewed again on utv iplayer.