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Our Nursery children have been learning about the importance of recycling food waste. 

We obtained ten bags of compost made from locally collected brown bin food and garden waste during 'National Compost Week' in May.
Councillor Jenny Palmer, Chair of the Council’s Environmental Services Committee, speaking about the initiative, said:  “I am delighted that children as young as three years of age are being taught the importance of recycling food waste into compost; and that this compost helps the vegetables they have planted in the school’s polytunnel to grow to maturity.



“It was lovely to have the opportunity to see the vegetables in full bloom one month after the school received the compost.  I understand from speaking with the teachers that the young pupils not only get to eat the vegetables they have grown in school but also they can take them home or feed them to the Nursery’s rabbits and hens.  This is a sustainable practice which promotes healthy eating to the children, an initiative I am very supportive of as a Councillor and School Governor.”
The lessons which the children have learnt as part of this initiative form part of the curriculum unit ‘The World Around Us’.
Mr Clive Anderson, Principal of Fort Hill Integrated Nursery & Primary Schools, is delighted at the outdoor learning opportunities these young pupils enjoy, and said:  “Under the guidance of Mrs Jones, the children were amazed how easy it was to grow food and the importance of ensuring that waste food is put in their brown bins or composters at school or at home.  They have also learnt about recycling leftover food for the nursery pets and about the food recycling scheme that the primary school pupils and Fort Hill canteen are involved in.
“Our nursery children are learning all about their environment and how to help care for it as well as important life skills; and they will come back in P1 to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of their labour!  As these pupils move into the Primary School they will continue building on these outdoor learning skills through the Explorers Club in P1 and P2.  I am very pleased that to enhance this learning, Fort Hill Integrated Nursery has a new log cabin and has just received its new composter and water butt which all our young ‘Eco warriors’ will benefit from.”
Earlier this year Fort Hill Primary School was filmed as part of the Council’s winning NILGA Award entry in the ‘Sustainable Economy Project’ category.
Councillor Palmer added: “I would encourage everyone to ensure all their leftover and out of date food is recycled in their brown bin or home composter; and perhaps even have a go at growing your own vegetables at home. Growing your own vegetables is very easy, even in limited spaces, and will save money as you will need to buy less in the shops.  Remember composting your organic waste is one of the best things you can do to help improve the environment and reduce greenhouse gases.” 

If you are interested in home composting please contact the Recycling Hotline on 028 9250 9453 or log on to to get a home composter for £5.