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All about Our Nursery


All about our Nursery



Set in 25 acres of mature wooded grounds, just across from Wallace Park and nestled at the foot of Fort Hill Integrated College, the Nursery Unit at Fort Hill Integrated Primary School is a purpose-built facility situated adjacent to the main school building.


This idyllic setting offers parents the opportunity to choose continuous education from Nursery to Primary and continuing into Secondary Education, on the one integrated campus.

The Nursery Unit is a valued and important part of the overall Primary School structures and alongside P1-7 pupils and staff it shares the same Ethos and Core Values of care.


As well as the attractive central play room, the Nursery has a quiet room, kitchen, staff/parents room and washroom facilities, all of which allows for disabled access. Outdoors has varied exciting and enriching play resources for extending our children’s learning opportunities. Our Nursery pupils have opportunities to play outdoors every day, whatever the weather.

Outdoor exploration and learning helps pupils develop a variety of concepts and an understanding of the world around them whilst contributes to their physical development.


We at Fort Hill Integrated Nursery Unit celebrate the uniqueness of early years learning and endeavour to deliver the Nursery Curriculum through stimulating and exciting learning opportunities in a rich learning environment, both indoors and outdoors, steeped in rich language learning opportunities whilst encouraging play that explores mathematical and scientific concepts.


Specialist tutors in different subject areas such as: music, drama, sport and language visit the Nursery during the year and pupils also have an opportunity to go on fun trips, which are also educational.


Parents are encouraged to accompany their children to help enhance and extend the valuable learning opportunities and share the experiences and enjoyment of the trips.

Through a variety of play opportunities, our children learn to interact with their peers, developing their social skills, learning how to problem solve and work and play co-operatively.

These vital learning opportunities give our pupils an opportunity to develop a positive self image, empowers them to make choices and to grow in confidence in a secure and caring environment where each child feels valued and respected.


At Fort Hill Integrated Nursery, our Pupils also help with the daily break and lunch routines which gives them the opportunity to develop their essential life skills.

The Nursery Unit is committed to the holistic education, well-being and success of every child and to upholding the vital partnership we share with our parents, appreciating the valued contribution already made in the home environment.  Together we can continue to build on these important foundations in education and we value those important links, encouraging an open door policy in Nursery.


Being a functional part of the whole school the Unit has full use of all the Primary School facilities and during their Nursery year the nursery children will be integrated into the Primary School with opportunities to use the PE Hall and become acquainted with the staff and other pupils by attending and taking part in different events and celebrations thus making for a smooth and successful transition into P1.