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Outdoor Learning

At Fort Hill Integrated Nursery we provide our children with daily access to our secure and stimulating outdoor environment.  

Providing a rich learning, child-led curriculum through outdoor play, encourages the holistic development of children and has been proven to provide many health benefits.



Outdoor learning......


  • Provides positive health benefits, physically and mentally. It has also been proven to relieve stress and anxiety.


  • Develops self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem.


  • Encourages a lifelong love of the outdoors.


  • Develops collaborative team-work skills.


  • Assists the development of motor skills, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness.


  • Aids the development of reflective and inquisitive thinking through investigation, problem solving and risk-taking.


  • Provides opportunities to engage in each area of the nursery curriculum including Mathematics, The World Around Us and The Arts.


  •'s just so much fun!!!!!!