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Year 6

Useful Learning Games


As you know, P6 is a very important and busy year in which​​​​​​​ we learn about lots of brand new topics across the curriculum. In class, we often introduce the pupils to brief interactive games which will help them remember what they are learning. As a number of members of our class have asked if they could play these games at home, here is a set of links for your convenience. If your child could spare just a few minutes on certain days to play a small selection of these games, it will give them a big boost in their learning.


Many thanks for your fantastic and continued support.

Dublin Trip 2018

P6 and our Shared Education partners at Brownlee enjoyed a brilliant trip to Dublin this year. We had lunch by the Boyne; invaded Dublin on our Viking DUKW vehicles; played bowling and arcade games; ate massive plates of bacon and sausages for breakfast; sat at the top of the third largest stadium in Europe; survived a bus break-down; saw orang-utans, elephants and snow leopards at Dublin Zoo; and finished it off with burgers, chicken nuggets and chips. We hope sleeping patterns and blood-sugar levels have now returned to normal.


Well done to everyone for making our trip to Dublin such a fantastic success!

Vikings invade Fort Hill!


Just before Christmas, P6, along with our friends from Brownlee, had a chance to experience Viking life for a day. We got to play traditional Viking games, see how Vikings built fires and how they built their houses. We even got to try on Viking armour and learn some Viking sword-fighting techniques.

Christmas Quiz & Meeting Nicola Pierce


We took a trip to meet up with our friends from Brownlee in their school. While we were there, we took part in a Christmas quiz kindly organised by Mrs McManus. We also got to meet Nicola Pierce, who has written a number of books - including one about the Battle of the Boyne and one about the Titanic.

W5 Waste Watchers


In September, we were invited to the Island Centre to attend a special show, put on by W5. While we were there, we learned how long some of the things we throw in the bin take to decompose, the best place to keep our food so that it doesn't go off, and what causes the classroom to smell on chicken curry day.