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Developing these LIFE SKILLS is CRUCIAL in EVERY child’s development. Here at Fort Hill Integrated Primary School from an early age we aim to provide a learning environment which enables the children to become familiar with, and strive to develop these KEY LIFE LONG SKILLS during their time at our school.

Fort Hill Integrated Primary School Learning Powers

Core Values
at Fort Hill Integrated Primary
An ancient Fort or Christian settlement is believed to have stood upon the Rath/Hill on which the High School now stands overlooking the Lagan Valley. It offered STRENGTH & SECURITY to its inhabitants.
Fort Hill Integrated Primary still wishes to encourage and nurture these life skills in all its pupils.
At Fort Hill Integrated Primary we want everyone to have
S –     Success and self-confidence in all areas of life.
Children of all abilities should experience success and be encouraged to believe in
T –     Truthfulness and trustworthiness
Children will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions and attitudes, receiving privileges and accepting consequences for their choices.
R   Respect for themselves and others
Children should be confident in their own identity and appreciate and respect others.
E–    Equality for everyone
Everyone is valued and treated equally regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, ability or social background.
N    New challenges and opportunitiesthat help us learn and grow
Children should be encouraged to have a go, try things, take risks, learn from mistakes and improve on past experiences in a supportive environment.
G –     Great teaching and learning
Children should learn through high quality teaching, motivating them to engage and develop in all areas of the curriculum and for life.
T–    Thoughtfulness towards others
Children should be thoughtful and considerate to others in school, the community and the wider world.
H–   Happy days and a Safe place to belong        
All children should enjoy a safe environment with routines, structures and policies in place alongside a committed staff working in conjunction with parents to nurture and support their emotional growth and  learning in all areas.