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Coming Soon - Roots of Empathy - Theme 5

Theme 5 - Sleep


There are 2 different types of sleep:

Active Sleep (REM) Rapid eye movement when dreaming takes place.

Non-Active Sleep (Non REM)


This is a story about a mother trying to get a baby to sleep in Thailand.  The story showed us the way adults say HUSH when babies are trying to sleep.




Babies have the same need for comfort all over the world. 


Baby Visit 5


Date Baby's Age Weight Height
02/10/14 10wks 6Kg 60cm




Daniel’s day starts with a disappointing discovery that he has wet the bed again. 
Children who have difficulty with transitions for example, getting up and dressed, the mornings can be difficult. Daniel is aware of this and his cape, his transitional object helps him through and helps to comfort him.
This is a self-calming strategy and many children have a special toy or blanket. Daniel is sensitive to temperature and discomfort. He is ‘highly sensitive’ refers not only to emotional reactions but also sensory reactions.