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Ice and Water

We looked at ICE CUBES and thought of different words we 

could use to DESCRIBE them.




"They are SLIPPERY!" Aaron


"They are FREEZING!" Maya


"They are very COLD!" Rhylee


We then thought what might happen to the ice cubes if we left them in our classroom overnight.  

We predicted that they would MELT and turn into WATER.


We then thought about what we could do with the water (from the melted ice cubes) to turn it back into ICE.  Mrs Wiggam was very pleased with our idea to "Put it back into the FREEZER!"


We then completed a SEQUENCING TASK based on our

what we had learned.


Image result for ice cubes clipart


Investigating Ice turning into Water

Ice to Water Sequencing Task

The WATER turned back into ICE!