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We have fun writing sounds in different ways 


we move on to using PENCIL AND PAPER.


Have a look below at some of the activities we have been doing to help us with our letter formation.


Learning is lots of fun 



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Writing 'x'- Hand to toe, hand to toe.

Writing 'w' - Down up, Down up!

Writing 'v' - Down the Wing and Up and wing.

Writing 'j' - Down his body, give him a curl and a dot for his head.

Writing 'f' - Down the flower and across the leaves.

Writing 'u' - Down and under the umbrella, up to the top and draw on the puddle

Writing 'o' - All around the orange

Writing 'g' - Around the girls head, down her plait and give her a curl

Writing 'd' - Down the Dinosaurs bottom, up his tall neck and down to his toes.

Writing 'm' - Down Masie and over the mountain and over the mountain

Writing 'h' - Down the horse to his hooves and over his back

Writing 'e' - lift off the top and scoop out the egg

Written 's' Task