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Year 6

Walking on Sunshine

Useful Learning Games

As you know, P6 is a very important and very busy year in which we learn about lots of brand new topics across the curriculum. In class, we often introduce the pupils to brief interactive games which will help them remember what they are learning. As a number of members of our class have asked if they could play these games at home, here is a set of links for your convenience. If your child could spare just a few minutes on certain days to play a small selection of these games, it will give them a big boost in their learning.


Please check back regularly for updates as I'll be adding new links as we cover more topics in class.


Many thanks for your fantastic and continued support.

BBC Terrific Scientific - Taste Investigation

For the first of the exciting science experiments we are conducting in partnership with the BBC, we investigated how many of us are Super-Tasters. To do this, we painted our tongues blue and counted the number of fungiform papillae (round pink bumps) we have - the more you have, the more likely you are to be a Super-Taster. We found that only 3 of us have this Super-Taste ability (which may explain why we have so many Liverpool supporters in our class). Well done to everybody for taking part and not making too much of a mess.


Thanks to the artistic talents of our very own Mrs Graham, P6 celebrated the festive season with a variety of arts and crafts activities. We made Christmas tree cards, tree ornaments, snowmen, a glitzy P6 sign and a decorative Christmas wreath.

Thank you all for your tremendous support and hard work over our first term. Have a great Christmas and a brilliant New Year and we'll see you in January.

BBC Terrific Scientific

On Thursday 17th November, along with thousands of other pupils across the UK, we logged onto the BBC website to whet our appetites for an exciting new science project which begins in January. The 'Terrific Scientific' project will bring hundreds of schools together to discover amazing facts and explore the scientific method. We will be in touch with more information in the new year but, in the meantime, click on the link to the Terrific Scientific web page below, if you would like to find out more about the experiments and investigations our Fort Hill P6 scientists will be conducting.

Viking Homes

As part of our Vikings topic, P6 designed and constructed their very own model Viking longhouses. All of Primary 6 (and quite a few parents and grandparents) put in a fantastic effort when researching their design and building their model houses and everyone should be extremely proud of the work they put in.

Special thanks to our fantastic building supervisor Mr Gary Walsh and also Mrs Wells, who helped us retrieve many piles of stray roof thatching along the way.

Orienteering in Wallace Park

On Tuesday 20th September, we made the long trek to Wallace Park to take part in an orienteering event organised by Orienteering NI. Our pupils joined with other pupils from across Lisburn to learn map skills and practise their decision making and teamwork. We even got to use fancy gadgets to track our progress around the park and, best of all, everyone was able to find their way home at the end.