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                 NEW FORT HILL UNIFORM


  10 Years of Integration -  PROUD TO BE DIFFERENT!

  September 2019 marks 10 years of our school receiving Integrated Status where

  we as a school family are intentional in learning about and celebrating our differences


  The Governors and Staff wish to mark this with introducing a new uniform.

  We will maintain our traditional colours of red and grey.  The jumper is a unique

  shade of red with a modernised crest now showing the Fort, the ancient Hill,

  a welcoming path, the trees and our founding date of 1886. This is when
  Seymour Street National School was opened by the Methodist church prior

  to the old William Foot school on the Low Road. The high v neck will allow

  the choice of either shirt and tie or polo-shirt in 2019/20.







Main School Uniform

Grey pinafore / skirt Grey long trousers
White shirt/ blouse White shirt
Claret red  sweatshirt or cardigan Claret red sweatshirt

School tie with white shirt or

white polo shirt

School tie with white shirt or

white polo shirt

Grey tights / white socks Grey socks
School Coat School Coat
Black Shoes Black Shoes
 School Jacket
School Coat

Physical Education Uniform
In the interest of personal hygiene and the formation of good habits we like all pupils to change into shorts and white t-shirt for physical education.  P.E. dark gutties/pumps/plimsoles are necessary.

Track suits or warm clothing worn for outdoor activities.

Other Optional Items
       Hat and scarf            School Bag              P.E. Bag  
School  Scarf      Junior Book Bag      P.E. Bag   
Our school unifrom is available from:

McCall's of Lisburn
24 Market Street
Co Antrim

Tele: 028 9267 5111