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Mrs Ferguson Retires!

After 22 years at FORT HILL IPS, Mrs Ferguson

is ready for RETIREMENT.


We held a SPECIAL ASSEMBLY - which highlighted some of Mrs Ferguson's 'contributions' to the school over the years.


Mrs Ferguson enjoys playing Golf in her spare time.  Keeping with this theme - a 'pretend' Golf Course was set up in the Assembly Hall.  At each 'hole' Mrs Ferguson was asked a Question and if she answered

'correctly'  she got a PRIZE!


Some of the PRIZES included:


  • Large Portrait of the 'Whole School' - To remember all Pupils and Staff.
  • Tartan Scarf - Mrs Ferguson assisted Scottish dancing after school.
  • Golf balls - Mrs Ferguson enjoys playing Golf in her free time.
  • Doll - Mrs Ferguson cannot wait to spend more time with her Grandchildren!