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Buddy the ELF in P1

We could not control our excitement on Tuesday 1st December!  


When we arrived to school Santa had sent one of his elves 'BUDDY' by 'hot air balloon' to stay with us in P1!


Santa sent a letter that explained hoiw BUDDY would return to him each night and report what had been happening in P1 that day!



We will have to wait and see if Buddy is a good Elf!

Buddy Arrives in P1

Beautiful Snowflakes

Buddy brings pictures from the North Pole

The MAGIC BEANS grew into Candy Canes!

Buddy messed our beautiful Christmas tree!

Buddy was SO tired!

Buddy moved ALL of our name tags!

Santa travelled with Buddy to P1!

Candy Cane Hunt!

Buddy got injured by the falling Christmas tree!