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'x' Sound

'y' Sound

'x' Sound

'j' for jelly!

GAME TIME! Who has the missing sound?

Picture Match - Starting Sound

We have started to learn the different sounds that letters make.



Learning the 'f' sound was Fun!



Discovering the 'l' sound



Discovering words that start with the sound 'u'



Learning the 'b' sound - lok at us batting the ball!


When learning about the 'g' sound - we looked at those who wear glasses in our class!



Word building is FUN:



Matching Sounds to letters. 

We have fun singing songs and learning actions to help us remember the different sounds.



'm' Sound - Miley, Mia L, Megan and Mia M


'e' Sound 


c and k sounds



We are learning about the 'n' sound



'i' sound task



discovering the 'i' sound



'j' and 'z' tasks

'b' sound tasks

Word Building

'o' Sound

g sound

d sound

r Sound

Sound Tasks

c and k sound

e sound