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Our First Day in Nursery School

Our first day in nursery school was so exciting and we made lots of new friends.  We had fun playing in our new school and exploring our nursery garden. 





Picture 1 Yummy snack time
Picture 2 We can pour our own milk
Picture 3 We enjoyed a biscuit and some fresh fruit
Picture 4 We are making new friends in nursery
Picture 5 We love playdough in nursery
Picture 6 Making ginger bread men
Picture 7 We added bubbles to the water tray
Picture 8 We all love the sand tray
Picture 9 Building sandcastles is great fun
Picture 10 Lots of playdough fun
Picture 11 We added water to the sand to build castles
Picture 12 We made pictures of our lovely faces
Picture 13 Helping to put away the shopping
Picture 14 Its hard work in nursery
Picture 15 We enjoyed mixing the colours in the paint tray
Picture 16 Painting our first nursery pictures
Picture 17 We work hard in nursery
Picture 18 Choo Choo!!
Picture 19 We love our new Duplo toys
Picture 20 Making new friends in the sand-pit
Picture 21 Building castles together
Picture 22 Building the train track is hard work
Picture 23 This train was going to the beach
Picture 24 Making a big burger with the playdough
Picture 25 We eat lots of lovely food for snack time
Picture 26 We all have to pour our own milk and water