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Nursery lunchtime...yum yum!

 smiley We are very lucky at Fort Hill Nursery and get to enjoy a hot meal every day.  Mrs Brown makes our dinner in the canteen and brings it to us at lunchtime.  Mrs Brown makes the tastiest dinners and desserts...we love them!  We have a special lunchtime routine that helps develop our independence, as we collect our cutlery and tidy up after ourselves.  Dinner time also helps to promote our personal and social skills as well as our physical development.smiley 


After washing our hands, we collect our cups and cutlery.

Next we set the table using our special placemats.

After singing our special thank-you song, we get served our dinner and eat it all up!

Once we have finished our dinner, we tidy up after ourselves.

If we sit really well at the dinner table and taste all of our food, we get to wear a special medal until home time.