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Year 4

The majority of Primary 4 communication is being posted on Seesaw. We will endeavour to upload fun class memories onto this page.

40 Years of Integration

We showed greater perseverance to complete these Tangram puzzles.

As a school, we have decided that pupils should bring one bag to school each day, with their snack, lunch and water inside the bag (please bring enough water to last the day). They should have a mask in their bag too as we will encourage them to wear masks when going down to the toilets and moving outside their classroom 'bubble.' (This will not be essential.)

A named pencil case is being provided in Primary 4, which will stay in the classroom, this includes:

2 pencils

A rubber





2 whiteboard pens

Children will also be provided with a ruler and whiteboard so please DO NOT bring any of these items from home.

If your child wants to bring colouring pencils (No felt tips) they may bring them but they will then remain in school.

Proposed August/September Learning Groups for P4 Based on June Guidance

Hi everyone,

So this is our last week of home school.  Well done for keeping going, I'm sure you'll be glad to be having a break.


This week there a few safety activities assigned for you. We will also be continuing with our capacity activities. It is also right that we spend some time reflecting as we approach the end of this year. So take time to do that and then share your thoughts either on paper or on seesaw.


Anyone who hasn't completed the little get to know you activity for Mrs Charles from last week, please try and do so by the end of the week.  All teachers will be taking a complete break from Seesaw after Friday as we try and finish up in our classrooms next week.


Thank you again for all your hard work over the past three months, all the work will pay off.


Finally, please have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Miss B

Anna Hibiscus part 7

Anna Hibiscus Part 8

Anna Hibiscus Part 9

Anna Hibiscus Part 10

Anna Hibiscus part 5

Anna Hibiscus part 6

Anna Hibiscus part 3

Anna Hibiscus part 4

Week Commencing Wednesday 27th May

Anna Hibiscus Part 1 Monday 18th May

African Story

Anna Hibiscus Part 2 Tuesday 19th May

Spywatch - Episode 7 - Surprise - Look and Read

Spywatch is a story produced by the BBC as part of the Look and Read series. It originally aired from January to March 1996. Its main educational focus was W...

'Children Can' activities associated with daily encouragements (also posted on Seesaw)

Friend or Foe Recount (Writing activity)

Music Tasks and Resources



I’m sure you all have lots of books at home to keep you reading, if not, Mrs Charles has kindly set up an account for primary 4.  Just log onto the website using username: forthillp4 and password: password. 


You can also go onto Twinkl and use their selection of eBooks which will have resources for support activities.


If you’re wondering what books your child should be reading for their age, you can go onto the website where they sort the books by age.


I hope this helps.

Miss Boomer

30 Day Lego Challenge

Subtraction with Regrouping -

This is a short clip that shows the first part of a video that teaches how to subtract with regrouping. The full video is on our youtube channel now. Subscri...

Spywatch - Episode 5 - The Poster Comes To Life - Look and Read

Spywatch is a story produced by the BBC as part of the Look and Read series. It originally aired from January to March 1996. Its main educational focus was W...

Spywatch - Episode 6 - Bombs In The Country - Look and Read

Spywatch is a story produced by the BBC as part of the Look and Read series. It originally aired from January to March 1996. Its main educational focus was W...

Dear parents and Primary 4 pupils,


This is obviously a completely new experience for all of us so it'll take time to adjust.  However, it is REALLY important that you try and set up a structure for your day, plan out a timetable together and try and stick to it.  It will take discipline but it is important.


A number of English, Maths and Science activities have been added to our class page, please make use of them.  I hope you are able to download and print them and keep yourself working through the Primary 4 curriculum.  If you can't print them just write the working out or answers on pages.


Anyone who has access to LEXIA please keep using it as this will help you to reach your target.


Below there is also a copied message from TWINKL, who are allowing parents free usage of their excellent website for a month.  Please make use of this to continue your learning at home.


I have sent home Seesaw parent access codes, this will help us to stay in contact.  I also have Pupil 'Home learning' codes prepared to go home so your child can upload some of their learning.


I am intending to upload activities weekly onto the website, as I think this will be more manageable for everyone. 


Please take care of yourselves and make the most of this difficult situation.  Keep in touch through SEESAW.


Miss Boomer 

twinkl offer for parents

As the Coronavirus spreads, we’re aware that more schools are closing and pupils’ learning is being disrupted. Parents, carers and teachers are looking for ways to ensure the continuity of education during school closures so that no children miss out on valuable learning time.

To support you during this period, Twinkl is offering every teacher in Northern Ireland access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge. We’re also extending this to every parent and carer in your school so your pupils can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Silent Night

Salt Factory Sports


Deep Cries Out

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Group dance

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Still image for this video

Class dance 15/03/19

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Class dance 11/03/19

Still image for this video

Class dance 8/3/19

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World Book Day

Group dance 4/3/19

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Class dance 4/3/19

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Wishy Washy

Dance 1

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