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Here are some brilliant websites for P6 pupils to have a look at. They are full of fun games and will help with most of the subjects we cover in P6.
  1. Topmarks is one of the largest independent educational websites in the UK and has games, whiteboard resources and educational content for both primary and secondary schools. All their content is reviewed by qualified teachers.

  2. Woodlands Junior Primary School have produced a fantastic website for Primary resources and maths games. There is a wealth of helpful information on this site.   

  3. Great resource as a starting point for information but be weary as not all the information is

  4. The BBC has many educational links. It is a fantastic resource for pupils, teachers and parents!

  5. Here is a good website for maths games.

  6. Maths games are a great way to practice and reinforce all that is happening in the classroom. Here is a great link for maths games:

  7. Here is BBC primary bitesize. This website is full of activities and useful information. There are topics covering english, maths, geography, history and science.

  8. Here is a link to your local library. We will be visiting later on in the year. Why not take a visit and take out your own library books.

  9. Here you can find out all the fun things you can do in Lisburn.

  10. We had a visit from a famous author last year called Collin Bateman. Here is a link to his website: