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P4 Cookery Club

P4 Group 2 Treat Week - Yummy Easter Cupcakes

P4 started Cookery Club in January with Mrs Mitchell.


They made lovely fresh fruit salad on week 1 


The boys and girls got to taste some fruits they hadn't before:


Do you know what this fruit is?

Click here to find out

We thought it tasted nice.



We also added:










  kiwi fruit




and pineapple


P4 Group 1 Making Fruit Salad

Pitta Pizzas


A few selfies seem to have been taken along the way!!

Group 2 making pitta pizzas - they look delicious!

This week we made

Oaty Scones

This was the first time we used the scales and had to measure our ingredients.  It was hard work, but it was worth it.

Some of us took them home and put butter and jam on them. Delicious!!