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Roots of Empathy - Theme 3

Theme 3 - Caring and Planning for Baby

In this theme we are learning about caring and planning for the baby, with a focus on teething.  Growing new teeth happens with babies and also with children of their own age.


Teething is a traumatic time for many babies and can affect mood changes and sleep patterns.  A baby getting its first tooth is a 'milestone' a part of growing up.


Mrs Elliott came and told us the story of 'Sasha and the Wiggly Tooth'.

This story was about a little boy Sasha who lost his first tooth.


We talked about how it made us feel:
  • Was it painful?
  • Did you feel embarassed / Scared / worried or happy?

The children drew a picture of how they felt when they lost their first tooth.


Baby Visit

Planning and caring that a mum needs to do for a visit or day out.  We talked about what things Daniel's mum would caring in her nappy bag. 

Bottle of Milk
Change of Clothes
Teething Gel


A Time When we Felt Proud



This story is about a little girl called Suki of Japanese heritage, who is made fun of because she looks different, when she wears her kimono.  It was a gift from her obachan (grandmother).

Suki felt very proud wearing her kimono.