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Our Winter Assembly

On Thursday 29th January we took the school assembly.


We went around the school and asked some of the staff and children what they like about Winter.  Watch the video below to find out what they said...


Still image for this video

In winter the weather is very cold.  Sometimes it snows and we can have a snowballfight and build a snowman.

Thank you God for the snow.

In Winter we wear clothes that keep us warm.  When we go outside we wear a coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots.



Thank you God for warm clothes

In Winter the trees and plants rest. Some trees loose their leaves and some little bulbs and seeds lie sleeping in the soil until spring comes.



Thank you God for trees and plants.

In Winter some animals hibernate.  This means they go for a long sleep until the weather is warmer. 


Thank you God for looking after the animals.

In Winter we stay inside more.  We have warm houses to live in and warm food to eat.  We can sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate - yummy!

Thank you God for our homes and food.


We all read out a prayer to thank God for keeping everyone safe in the winter.