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Roots of Empathy - Theme 2

Theme 2 - Crying



Like everybody, babies all react in different ways to different people and things.

Crying babies are not bad babies.
They are babies with a problem and need our help.



Different ways of holding a baby to soothe it.

It is normal to feel frustrated and desperate when a baby cries a lot but remember, NEVER, EVER, SHAKE A BABY!


Mrs Elliott read this story


Baby Louise won't stop crying, what does she want?

A drink
a lullaby
a hug

but Louise wants something else and only her big brother knows what that is.....

The children then drew pictures of why a baby would cry..

Baby Daniel's 2nd Visit

Singing our welcome song to baby Daniel

During this visit we asked mum Kate about what calming techniques she uses
when Daniel is upset and crying. 
 Kate said that she uses different ways to soothe Daniel.

  • Singing
  • Rocking on her knee
  • Cuddling

The children asked can baby Daniel roll over when he was on the green blanket?
The answer was, 'Not yet!'