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Coming Soon - Roots of Empathy - Theme 6

Theme 6 - Safety



Now that Daniel has reached many of these milestones his parents have to be more careful around the home.


Kate has had to install a stair gate. Now that Daniel can roll over and pick up small toys, ie lego he could put that in his mouth which could lead to him choking.


As a baby reaches new milestones they face new dangers, for example when a baby learns to roll over, this means that the baby could roll off changing table or the bed.
Parents also need to be careful with hot drinks and hair straightners.


Babies must always be watched over and never left alone except for when they are put to bed.



Our story in Theme 6 was called 'Double-Dip Feelings'



It was called Double-Dip as this book is about having 2 different or contrasting feelings, (ambivalent) that can happen at the same time. This is very common, normal, and ok! Everyone has them sometimes, even grown-ups.