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Nursery to P5 will also be using the SEESAW APP.

It is vitally important that all N-P5 parents register their SEESAW accounts using their codes that have been sent home.

Home Page



Mr C Anderson





Mr S. Weatherall

Year 7 Teacher 
Head of K.S. 2
Maths Co-ordinator
Assessment Co-ordinator







Mrs S. Jones


Head Nursery Unit

Community & Integration Co-ordinator








Mrs D Wiggam

Year 1 Teacher 


Head of Foundation Stage/K.S.1

Designated Teacher - Pastoral Care
School Council Co-ordinator
Literacy Team Co-ordinator (F.S.)

Integration and Community Team Member




Mrs Gleave

Year 2 Teacher

Music Co-ordinator

Choir Mistress










Mrs D Johnston

Year 3 Teacher (Mon-Wed)
Integration and Community Team








Miss Tipping

Year 3 Teacher (Thurs & Fri)

Re Co-ordinator








Miss S Boomer

Year 4 Teacher

I.C.T. Co-ordinator
World Around Us Team Member
P.E. Co-ordinator






Mrs L Charles

Year 5 Teacher  

Literacy Co-ordinator  








Mr K Donnelly

Year 6 Teacher

World around us Co-ordinator





Learning Support Team





Mrs G Best


Art Co-Ordinator








      Mrs Polly

      V.P Release Teacher