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🎵 Music at Fort Hill Integrated Primary School 🎵
We all enjoy music at Fort Hill! Anything goes… from Mozart to Ulster Scots. From the moment you enter the school you will hear music of all genres softly playing from a CD player in the corner. Gary, our caretaker, enjoys singing as he works, and this also echoes along the corridors, especially after 3.00 p.m. 🎶
Of course, Mr Anderson is also a secret ‘crooner’ and has even been known to play the bodhran in assembly. 🎼

All classes have music as part of the curriculum when we learn recorder, sing, perform simple compositions and have opportunities to respond to music that we have heard. 🎤However, we also have a number of other opportunities for pupils to extend their musical abilities.
🎶🎵🎤 CHOIR  🎶🎵🎤

Choir is taken by Mrs Gleave, the music co-ordinator. It is very popular and, every September, pupils from P5- 7 queue up to be auditioned in a slightly less intimidating atmosphere than on the ‘X-factor!’ 

We meet weekly and work hard for numerous performances throughout the year e.g. Christmas concerts, sing at community events, compete in School Choir of the Year and we love the build up and work extremely hard for our ‘spectacular’ bi-annual school show. 😊


We have strong links with Lisburn School of Music who provide tuition in piano, woodwind and drums
After some time, pupils are given the opportunity to enter into graded exams. 🔖