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Classroom Management

Meet our class pet TOBY!  
"If I make good choices and work hard in school throughout the week TOBY might want to spend the weekend with ME!"

We like to learn in a SAFE and CARING classroom.  At the start of the year we made our class rules.

It is important that everyone tries their very best to follow these rules.

Mrs Wiggam has a TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM to help manage the bahaviour in our class.  It makes our teacher VERY happy when we all stay on the GREEN LIGHT.
When we break the class rules we move through the traffic lights - first we get a WARNING and then we have to do TIME OUT

We all know that there has to be a CONSEQUENCE for breaking the rules.




Mrs Wiggam loves to REWARD us when we: 
  Follow Our Class Rules. 
Do Neat Work. 
Try Our Best. 
Show Good Manners. 
Help Others. 
Work Together.